Phase II of New Patient Wing, Remodel Now Complete

The next phase of Humboldt General Hospital's New Patient Wing and Remodel is now complete and has been turned over to the hospital for occupancy.

According to Mike Sheppard, the owner-rep who is on-site daily to represent the hospital's interests, Phase II of the project saw the demolition of the existing interior of the western 1970s portion of the hospital. The result is a complete remodel of the section, including all new electrical and mechanical systems.

According to Sheppard, officials from the county's building department and the state fire marshal's office approved occupancy of the new space in August. Officers from the State of Nevada Division of Health followed with their own inspection in early September. Hospital personnel are now in the process of cleaning and readying the new space for patients.

The Phase II construction includes one isolation room, two bariatric rooms with patient lift systems, and a very spacious ADA shower room, also equipped with a patient lift system. This phase also adds three single patient rooms—all finished and furnished to match the Phase I section of the hospital, which began accepting patients in March.

That phase was constructed as a completely new structure and includes three intensive care rooms, one of which is an isolation room; four spacious patient rooms; and one double occupancy room.

During Phase II, the Humboldt County Hospital Board of Trustees also approved construction of a new courtyard adjacent to the Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing Facility.

That beautiful new addition allows plenty of room for wheelchairs along with benches, planting beds and lovely vegetation. Rudy, Harmony Manor's little dog, even left a paw print in the cement before it dried.

Next, the construction team will commence work on Phase III, which will involve demolishing the remaining patient rooms to construct three new single occupancy rooms as well as provide a remodel of any other existing spaces in the patient care department.

Because the original bids for the project arrived substantially under budget, Sheppard said HGH opted to proceed with several alternate projects including quarters for the hospital's inpatient hospitalist physicians, four new administrative offices to ease cramping in the existing hospital, and an update to any remaining corridors that do not match the new contemporary design of the facility.

Additionally, the project will bring the outside landscaping up to the standards of the Medical Office Building project.

Sheppard said, "When this is all done, the west end of campus will reflect the same quality and feel as mid campus."

The entire New Patient Wing and Remodel project is scheduled to be complete by early next year, and Sheppard said contactor Ascent Construction is pursuing its goal to deliver the facilities ahead of schedule.

The hospital broke ground for the New Patient Wing and Remodel in April 2012. During a short ceremony overlooking the knoll where the new building now sits, Winnemucca Mayor Di An Putnam reflected back on Humboldt General Hospital's beginnings—a hospital that had little more than 3,000 feet.

More than 100 years later, she said the current facility has grown to 10 times that size and more.

As the community has grown, so has the hospital, said Putnam, not just to meet the needs of a greater populace, but also to provide local residents with the most advanced technology available.

Putnam commented, "The hospital is indicative of where we were, where we're at, and where we're going."

"We have a great community," she told the group, adding that the hospital's expansion adds one more reason for people to love and want to be part of the Winnemucca community.

In all, the project will cost $5.7 million, will renovate 7,000 square feet and will add 5,600 square feet to the hospital's main patient area. Overall, construction is expected to take 700 days.

One of the most important features of the expansion/remodel is the end of double occupancy rooms.

Due to federal patient privacy laws and stricter infection control guidelines, all of the rooms in the acute wing will be single occupancy once the project is complete.

The project also will allow for computerization that will result in more intensive patient monitoring by nurses and physicians.

It will also solve many gender issues, which have resulted because of the hospital's current double occupancy rooms.

"We are excited for this next phase of Humboldt General Hospital," said HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish. "We are fortunate to have the funding and the community support to make this happen."

He added, "We have confidence that in the end, this expansion and remodel will result in better patient care, which is our main focus in all that we do."

For more information on the Humboldt General Hospital Patient Wing and Remodel construction project, please call (775) 623-5222, ext. 1123.

Information is also available by visiting Humboldt General Hospital's website at