A Special Team

All four of them are busy, busy. In fact, they are so busy, it took nearly a month to gather them for a photo, and even then, one - Michel Carden - was missing. Even with their crazy schedules at work and other obligations out in the community and at home, though, Michel, Tina Maestrejuan, Robyn Dunckhorst and Louis Mendiola have become certified crisis interventionists. The four will take all HGH employees through the "Nonviolent Crisis Intervention" curriculum over the coming months. Our employees will learn how to recognize a patient or visitor whose behavior is becoming increasingly violent, and how appropriate actions and verbal cues can deescalate a situation. Staff members will also learn how to implement personal safety techniques in order to get away from a person who has become physically violent. The training will even include instruction on how staff members can cope with their own fears and anxieties in potentially volatile situations. And they'll learn all that because Michel, Tina, Robyn and Louis cared enough to be trained . . . and now to train. Kudos to you four. Tina said your goal is to ensure a safe and caring hospital environment. Thank you for your contributions toward that goal.