Rampart is Up

Rampart is officially open! The medical clinic at Burning Man began seeing patients Wednesday. During the next few weeks, they'll see more than 3,000 patients and establish themselves as one of the busiest ERs in the United States. HGH EMS Rescue Chief Pat Songer is in charge and he's got a small army of 300 physicians, nurses, paramedics and EMTs behind him along with full x-ray, ultrasound and lab capabilities. There are also eight ambulances on the playa as HGH will be running a full EMS system with emergency dispatch. We're proud of these guys. This is our fourth year providing all medical at the counter-culture event, and our operation just keeps getting better and better. Our photo: Here's an aerial photo of Rampart that Mike Bell took a few days ago. The entrance is the small pink building in the lower right-hand corner. The blue tents behind actually comprise the 2,000-square-foot mobile medical clinic.