Telemedicine is Here!

Hey everyone, we have great news. Humboldt General Hospital has introduced a telemedicine program that can put you in touch with more than 50 different medical specialties—all while staying put in Winnemucca. This program would not be possible without five wonderful medical assistants at Humboldt General Hospital who have undergone extensive training to become the “hands” of the specialists on camera. They include Stephanie McGuilvrey, Vanessa Sualez, Cayla Hill, Gudelia Dove, and Rebecca Clifford. Plus, Lonnie Hammargren manages the program. We’ve already seen over 200 patients in lots of different specialties, and we know the program will continue to grow as more and more people find out about it. We're really thankful for amazing staff members who are willing to go above and beyond in their training in order to bring new services to Winnemucca--especially services that will keep them from having to drive hours and hours just to see a doctor. Great job, everyone. We're excited to see where this program goes!