Thanks Santa, EMS

Saturday, December 13, 2014, we hosted our first annual "Hot Cocoa with Santa" event and can we just say: Wow! Our community is so unbelievably awesome! Not only did we have a blast welcoming about 500 youngsters to the ambulance station, but so many of our families brought toys and food to help the needy. We were truly awestruck with the outpouring. We want to thank our great EMS crew who helped make sure things ran smoothly. We also want to thank our kitchen staff, who were busy, busy trying to keep us in cocoa and cookies. We also want to thank Pam Wickkiser who was our photographer for the day and who is not only a great photographer, but a techno wizard as well for being able to produce one take-home Santa picture about every minute for more than two hours. And last but not least, thanks to Santa Moe Hanzlik for stepping up at the last minute and making the kids felt so welcome and loved. He's a great man with a heart as big as they make them. And thanks again to our wonderful community. As always, we are very grateful for their friendship and generosity. We really enjoyed this event and are looking forward to next year!