Two Weeks Ago Today

Two weeks have passed since HGH EMT Christian Echevarria was killed in a single-vehicle rollover on his way to training at the ambulance station. Two weeks. It hardly seems possible that so much time has passed; on the other hand it seems like we just heard and are trying to cope, to find a safe spot emotionally in a tumble of grief and disbelief. How do you put into words what it feels like when a young 22-year-old spark is extinguished so quickly? How do we quantify the grief of his immediate family--or even of his extended HGH family? How can we explain how badly we feel for his mom, our beautiful, faithful and loyal co-worker Bryn Echevarria. How do we just pick up and go on? Christian was the kind of young man who saw good in every one and in everything, so perhaps it's only apprpropriate that we try to see the good in this terrible, awful situation. We certainly have seen our HGH family come together in unity and love for Christian, Bryn and the rest of the Echevarria family. We have seen an amazing and caring community reach out to both Christian's family and our HGH family, providing support, comfort and love as well. And certainly we have seen agencies from across Nevada and the country reach out in countless and beautiful ways, most especially in coming to Winnemucca on January 15 to help honorably escort Christian's body to Paradise Valley and his final resting place there. One expression of that support seemed to stand out and represent, for us, all the rest. It came from Banner Churchill Community Hospital in Fallon. They came with an ambulance and a rapid response vehicle, and both were logo'd with this: "Our hearts are with HGH" and in the middle, on a black mourning ribbon, they placed Christian's number: 945. Right there on the side of their ambulance! We were amazed at their kindness, as well as with the kindness and love of so many others. Thank you so much for the outpouring. We are so grateful that we are surrounded by friends.