Way to Go, Kat

She did it again. Kat Esquivel, one of our OB nurses, was ready once again for the advent of Humboldt County's first baby of the New Year. We got the call on Thursday, January 2, that Daniel Fox Thayer had arrived that morning at 8:04 a.m. Many years ago, that kind of phone call would have set off a flurry of "Oh gosh, now what? What can we give this baby." But now, thanks to Kat, each New Year's baby receives a welcome fit for a little king or queen. This year was no exception. She was ready with sleepers and cuddly animals, a beautiful silver rattle, bath sets, baskets and enough gift certificates for mom, Allyson, to not have to cook for at least a week. And there was Kat with all the goodies beautifully arrayed, brushing off her monumental feat like it was nothing. But it was something, a big something. And we just wanted her to know that we are thankful that in addition to being a great nurse, she is also a great leader, a great gatherer and a great ambassador for HGH. Thanks, Kat. We really appreciate you.