Happy CNA Week!

Recently, our nursing staff celebrated CNA Week, giving some much-deserved attention to these very valuable members of our staff. Perhaps Robin Gillis, our nurse manager in Harmony, summed it up best: "CNAs work really hard for not much money and really deserve recognition for doing an excellent job. Nurses couldn’t survive without them!!" We agree. So let's give a shout out to all our great CNAs including our full-time CNAs in SNF: Renee Snitchler, Joanne Clark, Lovelle Brown, Adriana Mendoza, Maria Garavito, Hana Etcheverry, Holly Schirrick, Cresta Miller, Jessica Ragan, Gabriela Barajas and Ellen Krege; our casual call CNAs in SNF: Nelida Martinez, Marlen Diaz, Taylor Loveless, Marlas Prevo and Alicia Leon; our full-time CNAs in Acute: Yolanda Galarza, Chomphunuch Landt, Jessica Mendoza, Rosa Zepeda, Nancy Bernal and Angela Street; our casual call CNAs in Acute: Vicki Goodloe, Kelly Marie Cossel, Tyler Ramirez, Lisset Castellanos, Francis Rivas and Athena Chabino; and, our CNAs in OB: Cassie Adams, Kristen Lujan and Rachel Meldrum. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication, and happy belated CNA Week! Our photo: Here are a few of our CNAs waiting for a delicious dessert cart to roll around in honor of their special week. From left to right are: Nancy Bernal, Jessica Ragan, Ellen Krege, Marlas Prevo and Jessica Mendoza.