Open House Success

Thursday, July 10, we held a very informative and fun open house in the Radiology Department to introduce the community to Humboldt General Hospital's new CT imager. Our Radiology staff members provided tours of the new machine and even threw in a few scans of "Emily," Radiology's mannequin. Oh, and the food was awesome as usual. Our dietary staff once again outdid themselves with ribs, fruit, veggies, petit fours and these wonderful little cake pops that none of us could seem to get enough of! Thanks to our staff and our community for coming out and learning more about this important diagnostic tool. Thanks to Emily as well. In addition to being an open house showpiece, she also serves to scare the technicians anytime they come in. Of course, our Radiology staff enjoys placing her so they'll get the jumps and screams they're looking for! Our photo: Our Radiology tour guides gather around the new CT machine (and Emily). They include (from left to right) staff members Billie Goodale, Heather Shearer, Tammy Loveland, Emily, Administrative Director Pam Wickkiser and Radiology student Edna Mowray. Not pictured are staff members Amy Arden and Diane Klassen.