Good Neighbors

Three neighborly employees at Humboldt General Hospital are urging their co-workers to park on-site and leave the park parking to others. At the May 28 hospital board meeting, Lonnie Hammargren, Louis Mendiola and Rick McComb (shown) said they decided to rally the HGH troops to be better neighbors after City of Winnemucca officials expressed some dissatisfaction with hospital employees using public parking spots during their shifts. Rick told the board there are actually 142 employee parking spaces, but on weekdays (the hospital's busiest time) there are only about 130 employees at work. So the three men decided to meet with their co-workers in an effort to work through the parking issue. The group decided to relocate some EMS vehicles and trailers to other areas in order to free up employee parking spots. Additionally, the three began handing out car air fresheners that say: "Parking like a good neighbor . . . makes "GOOD SCENTS." (They smell really good and will be a good visual and olfactory reminder of our desire to be good neighbors!) Kudos to Lonnie, Louis and Rick for their over-and-above efforts! We appreciate your positive attitudes.