Paramedic Whittaker Newest Reserve Officer with WPD

Humboldt General Hospital's finest in now also one of Winnemucca Police Department's finest.

HGH EMS Rescue Captain Ken Whittaker was sworn in as a reserve office with the WPD on Thursday, May 22, at Winnemucca City Hall.

Mayor Di An Putnam presided at the event, which was also attended by Winnemucca Police Chief Eric Silva, HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish and HGH EMS Rescue Chief Pat Songer.

Officer Whittaker, who has served as a paramedic with HGH EMS Rescue for six years, said he will be honored to also wear the Winnemucca blue.

"This is a great opportunity for me," he said, "to train with the Winnemucca Police Department, and not only add new skill sets and experiences, but also be a safety resource to our community at the same time."

Mayor Putnam administered the law enforcement oath of honor to Officer Whittaker, after which Chief Silva pinned Whittaker's officer's badge. He will wear number 3225.

Chief Silver reminded his new reserve officer to "remember the sacrifices of all who went before."

He also expressed his pleasure at having an officer of Whittaker's caliber join his force—if only on a reserve basis.

Mayor Putnam said she is grateful for the inter-agency teamwork that has become a hallmark of the Humboldt County community.

"All the agencies in our community work together to make the community better," she said.

HGH EMS Rescue Chief Pat Songer agreed, "The [police] chief and captains have done an excellent job of integrating services."

Chief Songer continued, "Thank you from our department for the opportunity this gives us to rise to a different level of professionalism."

Officer Whittaker is the fourth HGH EMS Rescue paramedic to join the reserve ranks of the Winnemucca Police Department. Others include Officers Kevin Grannis, Monique Rose and Brittney Phillips.

Officer Whittaker has been a reserve deputy with the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office for 4.5 years. He will continue to work with that agency in addition to his new WPD duties.

Captain Whittaker is in charge of all special operations for HGH EMS Rescue. He is currently the "EMT of the Year" for Humboldt General Hospital.