A Team Save

There are all sorts of books on teamwork, video series, motivational speakers, merchandise, games. It's probably a billion dollar industry, all geared toward getting people to link themselves to others for the greater good. And, to be honest, those books, videos, speakers, merchandise and games are probably not that effective in most workplaces. But Humboldt General Hospital's teamwork philosophy is a little different. That's because if we don't work as a team, lives might be at stake. We get that, and last night at the March meeting of the hospital board, Dr. Len Perkinson shared a great story that shows just how true that is. He said a man was brought into the ER recently--a man who would not now be alive were it not for the great teamwork that played out between the Emergency Room and EMS crews. This man went down and the team went into action, activating an AED, bringing him back, stabilizing him enough for transport and then getting him to Reno and a cath lab within about 2-1/2 hours of the incident. During that time, no one was posturing to be the most important on the team, no one was trying to edge out their teammate, no one was attempting to gather the glory. Each one of our folks was simply doing his or her part to save a human life. That's the kind of teamwork we do at HGH. Great job, ER and EMS. Way to be a team.