Meet the Committee

Meet Humboldt General Hospital's 2014 Employee Committee. This great group includes (from left to right) Treasurer Louis Mendiola, President Rick McComb, Vice President Katie Dupuie and Secretary Shauna Barsanti. This committee works above and beyond their regular duties at the hospital to recognize employees throughout the year, provide fun bonding activities for everyone and, for the past two years, really try to reach out to the community, both in terms of volunteer time and effort, and also money. Just in the past year, this group has given $100 to the Kidz & Cops program, $150 to the LHS Swing Choir, $100 to Santa Jack's favorite charity, $300 to the Christian Echevarria Paradise Valley project and $2,000 for two scholarships at Lowry High School. And there's more good stuff in the works, which we'll share as those details get more settled. Plus, we have a growing group of employees who give a portion of their paycheck each period to help this committee do their good deeds. We love sharing good stuff about these folks. They deserve a shout out for their good works. We sure appreciate all they do.