MM Tattle

Robin Gillis, HGH's Nurse Manager for Harmony Manor, took time out of her busy day to share kind words about our Materials Management team. Read on: "I'm "telling" on the materials management staff, Theresa, Sebastian and Heather. We have had a very cluttered and unsafe storage room that we have muddled along with for too long. They came up with the great idea to put in wire shelves and were over today, all three of them for several hours taking all our supplies out of the boxes and arranging everything neatly and very professionally on our new shelves. They could have ordered the shelves and said here you go and left the rest to us but they all made a special effort displaying great team work on their part to do this for us. Small things make for great changes and goes a long way toward positive interdepartmental working relationships. A great example was made today by the MM team!

We really appreciate them!!"