Such a Caring Staff

We have such an amazing and caring staff--both on campus and off. Some folks at HGH became aware of a woman in Humboldt County who didn't have access to water 24 hours a day. Well, we have an incredibly "can do" crew, and pretty soon there were all sorts of people involved in trying to help make this lady's life a bit easier. Our maintenance supervisor, Craig Prest, along with Patient Services Director Lonnie Hammargren, and a small army of other do-gooders, removed the woman's old windmill pump and sucker rod and installed a new 12v dc water pump, a solar panel, a charger controller, battery and associated wiring and switch--all of which was paid for by the HGH Employee Committee and three other anonymous donors. The pump was then attached to some special water line donated to the cause by Russ at Ferguson's. Altogether, the project cost about $800, and our friend now has water around the clock. Oh, and she also got a propane tank out of the deal, so she now has heat as well! Can you believe the kindness and goodness of this community? We are so grateful, and so is our friend. Many thanks, everyone!