Alicia, You're So Special

Robyn Dunckhorst, one of Humboldt General Hospital's nursing house supervisors, took time out of her busy schedule over the weekend to share the good deeds of a co-worker. She says: "I am writing to let you know about an amazing thing an employee did!!! We had an adoption from OB pending today and the notary public did not show up. This could have led to a large crisis with the families and the adoption agency that were all waiting. But thanks to Alicia Wogan who graciously came in, while busy on her time off, to be the notary, everything worked out beautifully and all parties were happy!! I think Alicia deserves an ATTA BOY from HGH for all her hard work and selfless nature!!" We think so, too. Alicia, you're such a special lady. Thank you for all you do!