Rural Residency!

We have exciting news to share! After several years of pursuing a family medicine residency program in rural Nevada, the Department of Family and Community Medicine in Las Vegas has announced the successful accreditation of a rural family medicine residency program in Winnemucca. According to Aron Rogers, D.O., program director of both the existing family medicine residency in Las Vegas and the new rural family medicine residency program, the rural residency program is set up in a “1-2 format” with doctors completing their first year with other family medicine residents in Las Vegas, while the second and third years are completed in Winnemucca. This allows for two new residents in each of the three years of the program. For Winnemucca, the benefits will be wonderful! Not only will we see an increase in the number of physicians in our community, but we will also have improved patient access to quality essential health care services, workforce development and training and increased opportunity for recruitment and retention of health care professionals in Winnemucca and other rural communities. And just so everyone knows, working with the medical school has been a joy. Because of the knowledge and insight we have received from them, we are a much-improved organization. We are proud to be one of the few Critical Access Hospitals ever selected as a residency site.