HGH EMS Paramedic Takes Part in Intense Tactical Training

Memorable. That's how Captain Monique Rose describes her experience at a tactical training course she attended earlier this fall.

Among the highlights of the paramedic's experience was visiting an FBI training center, learning about emergency dental medicine and veterinary medicine for K-9 officers—and being exposed to tear gas.

"It was a great experience," said Rose, "even the part about the tear gas. I will certainly remember that!"

The Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course is designed to train medics like Rose in how to provide medical support to police, paramilitary, or military personnel during active tactical operations and trainings.

The course was held September 14-20 in Houston, Texas. It was presented by the Cypress Creek Tactical Medic Team in partnership with the Strategic Skills Training Institute, and was sponsored by the Baylor College of Medicine, Emergency Medicine Division of EMS & Disaster Medicine, and the Waller County Sheriff's Office SWAT team.

In all, Rose received 81 hours of instruction in a wide range of topics such as tactical assessment/movements, threat stress management, operator wellness, administrative concerns, extended operations, expanded scope of practice, remote assessment, asset and resource management, emergency dental medicine, veterinary medicine for LE K9/handler down rescue, K9 control techniques, mass casualty incidents and officer/operator rescues.

Additionally, Rose said the group took part in an active shooter drill at a nearby FBI training center that very realistic.

"It was total immersion," said Rose of the intensive six-day training, noting that she now feels equipped to take HGH EMS Rescue's Tactical Emergency Medical Services team to its next level.

"Our goal is to continue to develop our TEMS team so we can ensure the health and wellness of our local law enforcement officers during their average, routine day, or during a high-stress field operation."

Rose added, "The knowledge and skills I gained at Cypress Creek will certainly help us do that."

Rose has worked with HGH EMS Rescue for five years. She heads the agency's Special Operations Division, which includes the Tactical Emergency Medical Services team.