HGH on Film

We are always working on recruiting staff to Humboldt General Hospital. We have now added another important component to that process: recruiting physicians to the Nevada School of Medicine Rural Family Medicine Residency at HGH. So a few weeks ago, we worked with a film crew who is helping us put together some short takes for that program as well as for recruitment of overall physicians, mid-level providers, nurses (especially nurses to staff our new memory care facility) and EMS personnel. It was an enormous project, and we are certainly excited to see the finished product, and to see fruits from our efforts! However, we don't want to neglect to thank the many, many people and departments who facilitated our efforts while the film crew was here. You were all wonderful and accommodating and so kind. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your cooperation! Our photo: Andrew Stephen, a specialist with EMS, was kind enough to get behind the camera for this shot. The guy with the camera on the left is Chris Eldridge; Chris Montera is on the right doing sound.