Diabetes Support Group to Focus on Healthy Lifestyle

Humboldt General Hospital's Diabetes Support Group will help participants "Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle" this Wednesday.

The group will meet from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, March 4, in the hospital's Sonoma conference room; Humboldt General Hospital Nutrition Services Director Tiffani Nalivka will facilitate the evening's discussion.

Diabetics, pre-diabetics, caregivers and those who are interested in preventing diabetes are invited to attend.

Nalivka said March is National Nutrition Month—a great time to focus attention on the importance of making informed food choices and developing sound eating and physical activity habits.

"Our discussion will focus on consuming fewer calories, making informed food choices, and getting daily exercise in order to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic disease and promote overall health," said Nalivka.

The Diabetes Support Group is open to people of all ages; there is no charge to attend.

For more information, please email HGH Nutrition Services Director Tiffani Nalivka at nalivkat@hghospital.org, or call (775) 623-5222, ext. 1756.