Hospital Seeks to Raise Awareness of Women's Heart Disease

Humboldt General Hospital is joining with the American Heart Association to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease, the No. 1 killer of women in America.

Employees at Humboldt General Hospital will don red clothing and accessories this Friday, February 6, as they join others across the nation in promoting "National Wear Red Day."

National Wear Red Day encourages women to take charge of their heart health by making it a top priority so they can live stronger, longer lives. Each year, heart disease claims nearly a half million women's lives.

Community residents are invited to stop by the hospital for a free red dress pin on Friday, February 6, as a reminder to take steps every day to healthier hearts and lives. Hospital officials hope a unified red front will also encourage area officials, medical personnel, and Americans of every walk of life to join in the national campaign.

"We chose to participate in the campaign because for many of our patients, heart disease is personal," said Humboldt General Hospital CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish.

"National Wear Red Day is an opportunity for everyone to remember their female friends and family members who have suffered from this disease, and to think about their own hearts and take charge of their own health."

The national campaign seeks to improve women's heart health by providing information on healthful eating, exercising, quitting smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure and blood cholesterol, and controlling diabetes.

The campaign also targets healthcare professionals in helping to ensure that women are treated according to the American Heart Association's guidelines.

Further, the campaign seeks to educate federal, state and local policy makers, to encourage them to support policies to improve women's cardiovascular health.

Local residents are also invited to wear red on Friday, February 6, to help build awareness for women and heart disease.