Humboldt General Hospital Employees Elect New Committee Officers

Humboldt General Hospital's Employee Committee has a slate of new and returning leaders for 2015.

Following elections in December, HGH's 250-plus employees re-elected Rick McComb president, Louis Mendiola treasurer, and Shauna Barsanti secretary. Additionally, Lindsey Sherbondy will join the group as vice president.

Together these four, with assistance from other dedicated employees, are tasked with raising money throughout the year for a summer family picnic and an end-of-year banquet—a massive year-long fundraising effort that allows each staff member and a guest to attend the picnic for free and the dinner at a very reduced cost.

HGH Employee Committee President Rick McComb said the summer picnic is an opportunity for employees and their families to enjoy a free cookout, games and prizes, while the end-of-year celebration provides a backdrop for announcing the "Employee of the Year," "EMT of the Year" and "Supervisor of the Year" awards.

Additionally, the 2015 officers are hoping to continue outreach efforts to this community's deserving organizations.

McComb said, "We want to do what we can to help our community, and we're excited for what the coming year will bring in terms of those types of opportunities."

Already this year, the committee has donated $200 to the Winnemucca Domestic Violence Shelter, as well as $200 to the Winnemucca Alzheimer's Group in the name of Verl Sortor, a former HGH EMS Coordinator who passed away on January 29, 2015.

Additionally, this May the group once again plans to award a $1,000 scholarship to a Lowry High School senior who will pursue a medically related field of study.

McComb said employees have been quick to authorize a bi-weekly payroll deduction from their paychecks for the "Employee Giving Campaign," in amounts ranging from $1 and up.

The group has also been fortunate to curry the support of Humboldt General Hospital where administrators have agreed to match the committee's fundraising efforts dollar for dollar.

"It's amazing what a positive impact we have been able to make in the lives of our fellow community members through the support of our employees and our administration," said McComb.

The group continues to sell soda and snacks at the hospital, as well as host various fundraisers geared at funding the annual summer picnic and Christmas banquet. These include favorites like the "Books are Fun," "Jewelry is Fun" and "Bag City" sales at the hospital.

However, McComb said funding through the Employee Giving Campaign is earmarked to help improve the lives of those in the community who need a little extra help.

"We are really excited to continue our efforts," he said, "and to see how much good we can do in our community."