Jennifer Hood, LMFT, New Facilitator of Grief Relief Support Group

Jennifer Hood, LMFT, has been chosen to facilitate the "Grief Relief Support Group," and all local residents who are suffering from grief are encouraged to attend.

The Humboldt Volunteer Hospice sponsors the gathering at 6 p.m. the third Thursday of each month in the Sonoma Conference Room at Humboldt General Hospital.

According to HVH Executive Director Sherry Smith, the grief support group is a great starting point for people who recently experienced a loss, or who are dealing with long-term feelings of grief and loss.

She acknowledged that some participants initially may feel uncomfortable sharing their feelings in a group setting, but said with the help of Jennifer Hood, their discomfort will soon give way to feelings of warmth and gratitude for the support they receive.

"Jennifer is such a warm and caring person," she said. "Sharing your personal feelings in a group setting can be frightening at times, but with Jennifer's help and those of the rest of the group, participants will feel supported and aided in their journey toward healing."

Smith suggested that participants in the Grief Relief Support Group give the support group a "fair chance" by attending at least three meetings. "By then you will know whether or not it is for you," she said.

She also encouraged participants to bring photos, poems, prayers, keepsakes and other mementos to share with the group.

"Sharing these things enables the rest of us to 'meet' that person and better relate to them and your needs," she said.

There is no charge to attend the group, and all ages are welcome.

For more information on the Humboldt Volunteer Hospice's "Grief Relief Support Group," please contact HVH Executive Director Sherry Smith at (775) 625-4263.

The mission of the Humboldt Volunteer Hospice is to honor and support individuals in the Humboldt County community who suffer from a chronic, debilitating or terminal illness. All hospice care is provided at no cost to patients. Families do not need a doctor's referral in order to access hospice services.