Humboldt County's First Baby of the New Year Born at HGH

Jaxon Cole Wright is Humboldt County's first baby of the New Year.

Jaxon was born at 1:34 a.m. Saturday, January 3, at Humboldt General Hospital. He weighed 8 pounds and was 20.5 inches long. He was delivered by Dr. Len Perkinson.

Jaxon is the son of Kimberly Cline and Steven Wright of Winnemucca. Maternal grandparents are Cindy and Robert Cline of Golconda; paternal grandparents are Debbie and Troy Belcich of Surprise, Arizona.

Mom Kimberley was due January 1. After the birth of her first son, 18-month-old Jacob, she assumed Jaxon's labor would be similar, but Jaxon had other ideas.

Kimberley's labor began Friday, prompting her to come into the hospital around 3:30 p.m. After some walking, a bit of progress, and more walking, her contractions stopped. Even a little oxytocin hormone couldn't get Jaxon moving.

Just as Friday turned to Saturday, Dr. Perkinson called for an emergency c-section. Dad Steven said he was grateful for that decision. "We were lucky," he said. "Jaxon was just starting to turn blue."

Jaxon came through his birth just fine, although brother Jacob isn't sure what to think of the new addition. "He's kind of wondering," said Kimberley.

As for Kimberley, there's no wondering on her part. "I hope they'll be best friends growing up," she said of her two boys. "And I hope they'll always be my babies."

Steven's dreams are clear as well. "I hope he'll be a state champion in wrestling and baseball," he said. "Those are my dreams!"

For now, though, both parents are just enjoying their little boy and his special moment as Humboldt County's debut baby.

"I was excited that he was the first baby," said Kimberley. "I know three other girls that were all due around this same time so I was surprised that he was born first."

Steven said his mom was thrilled as well. "She thought it was the coolest thing ever," he said. "She just couldn't get over it."

Little Jaxon will enjoy a bounty of gifts from area organizations and businesses that did their part to celebrate Humboldt County's first birth.

The OB nurses at Humboldt General Hospital, led by Monica Sartor, R.N., gathered gifts from the Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary, the Humboldt County Cattlewomen, Rice Jeweler's, Shore Line, Las Margaritas, Simply Trendy, Goodnight Irene, Java Town, Allure, Flex Fitness, Second Street Seasonals, Advertising Specialties, The Martin, Kateri's Karma, Country Rose, Not Your Usual, Color Them Wonderful Photography, Ladybugs and Lilypadz, Chihuahua's, Debbie Burke, Anne Town and the HGH OB Nurses.

That's in addition to the wide array of other gifts, samples and supplies the hospital staff showers on each new baby.

For more information on Humboldt General Hospital or its Obstetrics Department, please call (775) 623-5222, ext. 1268, to speak with a nurse or to schedule a free tour.