Lucero Takes Over as HGH Wellness Coordinator

Billie Lucero is Humboldt General Hospital’s new Wellness Coordinator.

Lucero takes over from Louis Mendiola who was recently named the hospital’s Health System Development Manager.

Lucero isn’t new to HGH; she served the community as a radiologic technologist from July 2010 until her appointment as Wellness Coordinator in May.

Her familiarity with the hospital operation, hospital staff and the community gave her a leg up over the competition.

But it was Lucero’s enthusiasm for the position that really drove the deal home.

“Billie is such a self-starter,” said Mendiola. “She’s very ambitious and single-minded when it comes to doing her job.”

Mendiola added, “Her drive and vision really helped her stand out.”

Lucero, a Lowry High School graduate, said the Wellness Coordinator position seemed the next logical step in her career.

“I have always enjoyed how well we work together as a team,” said Lucero of her HGH family. “The thing that attracted me the most to this new position is that it allows me to continue to learn and grow in the medical field while teaching the importance of staying healthy.”

In her new position, Lucero oversees the hospital’s internal wellness program as well as all community wellness efforts. Additionally, she manages the HGH Cardiac Rehabilitation program and facilitates the Diabetes Support Group. She also will continue the monthly Healthy Year, Healthy You seminar held at noon the third Thursday of each month.

One of the first issues Lucero wanted to tackle in her new job was to get kids off the couch this summer.

“The key for kids to stay fit is to keep them active both physically and mentally during those lazy days,” said Lucero.

“Fit Kids,” a series of summer activities geared at students from kindergarten through sixth grade, was Lucero’s answer.

From June through August, “Fit Kids” has involved kids in everything from an obstacle course and bike rodeo, to Frisbee in the park, bowling and a end-of-summer swimming party.

But kids aren’t Lucero’s only concern. She has been busy arranging fitness classes and other wellness opportunities for HGH employees, and she has big future plans for kids and adults alike.

“One of the strengths of my position,” said Lucero, “is that I have the ability to offer some great programs to promote wellness and healthy living to my fellow employees as well as the community.”

Lucero acknowledged there are some challenges to her position, though. “I can’t find enough time to do everything I want,” she laughed. “I want to do so much for my co-workers, patients, and the community.”

Lucero loves hearing from the community regarding possible future wellness programs, events and collaborations with community groups. She is available by phone at (775) 623-5222, ext. 1297, or via email at

Information about the hospital’s Community Wellness is also available here.