Humboldt General Honors Employees for Years of Service

Nearly two dozen hospital employees were recently honored for 240 years of combined service to Humboldt General Hospital.

In all, 20 employees from a wide range of departments gathered in the hospital's Sarah Winnemucca conference room on Tuesday, May 12, to be honored for five, 10, 15, and 25 years of service respectively.

Each honoree received a years of service pin, a box of chocolates and a small bouquet of flowers. The short ceremony followed a delicious lunch provided by the hospital's kitchen.

Humboldt General Hospital CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish told the gathered group that he has worked in healthcare for more than 40 years, at all levels.

He noted that for a hospital to able to function optimally, "one or two guys can't be making all the decisions; that doesn't work in healthcare."

In contrast, he told the group that their abilities to be successful at both patient care and administrative oversight have made a difference for the local facility.

"You can make decisions on both a clinical and business level," he said. "I've never worked with a finer group of managers and employees; you are the strength of this hospital."

Humboldt General Hospital's 2015 "Years of Service" award recipients include:

5 Years – Yolanda Alderman, Debbie Ames, Stephanee Dins, Echo Mathews, Ed Mohr, Crystal Nelson and Mary Schlotzhauer; 10 Years – Mike Bell, Rachel Bourbon, Bertha Higbee and Jennifer Fernandez; 15 Years – Robyn Dunckhorst, Bryn Echevarria, Robin Gillis, Gloria Gonzalez, Carol High, Kristie Wilkinson; and, 25 Years – Rita Clement, Juana Garcia and Diane Nevis.