Ashley Sage New Head of HGH Surgical Department

In 2010, Ashley Sage could not have envisioned where the next five years would take her.

Then, she was a CNA in the Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing Facility. This month, she was named the Surgical Services Manager for Humboldt General Hospital.

That transition seems easy enough on paper, but in real life, those years represent a lot of effort and education.

Sage graduated from Lowry High School in 2003 before making her way to the University of Nevada, Reno, where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition.

Following graduation, she returned to Winnemucca where she worked as a CNA while she attended nursing school through Great Basin College in Elko.

In June 2011, she became a nurse apprentice, working in the HGH Acute and then ER departments. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2012, she started working full-time as a registered nurse in the ER.

Sage transferred to the Operating Room in November 2013. She was named OR Interim Manager in January 2015, and accepted the full-time position in early July.

Humboldt General Hospital Chief Nursing Officer said Sage was a great choice for the position.

“Ashley has been functioning as the interim Surgical Services Manager for the past six months and has done an excellent job,” said Bryan.

“Over this time period, Ashley has gained the respect and confidence of the physicians utilizing the surgery department, as well as the support of administration, nursing management and the surgery staff, so congratulations to Ashley!”

Sage said she has appreciated the support of her administrators; she also enjoys the staff at Humboldt General Hospital.

“The great group of people we have working here—especially the OR team that I work with everyday—keep me motivated and happy coming to work each day,” she said.

Sage continued, “The luxury of being in the OR is that no day is ever the same. Sometimes we have really busy days and I get to be involved in patient care at all levels of perioperative care, and others are calmer.”

She added, “But my goal is to keep the OR functioning at a high level. I want to continue to provide the best and safest possible care to our patients.”

Sage and her fiancé are planning an October 2015 wedding. The couple has two dogs.