'Miracle Jars' Will Provide Cancer Gift During Holiday Season

Never underestimate the power of pocket change!

That’s the message behind a campaign aimed at raising money for cancer fighters in Humboldt and Lander counties.

The “LaRena’s Race Cancer Miracle Jar” campaign invites local individuals, families, businesses and organizations to collect as much pocket change as possible over the next few months, tally the total in late November, and give it to the LaRena’s Race Foundation as a Christmas gift for community residents who are fighting cancer.

“Your coins will make a big difference in someone’s fight with cancer,” said Mary Maher Bengoa, who co-manages the foundation with her mother Amorita Maher.

“The past 14 years have shown that out of the smallest efforts, we can bring about a very large commitment that can help push back against cancer.”

In all, there are 30 actual “Miracle Jars” distributed throughout Humboldt and Lander counties including one at Humboldt General Hospital.

“We are asking people to donate to one of those jars,” said Bengoa.

For those who find it inconvenient to donate to an existing jar, “create your own miracle jar,” said Bengoa. “We will accept any and all donations that will help alleviate some anxiety for our cancer fighters.”

Bengoa continued, “Cancer—the disease—is just one impact of what these people are facing. The other thing is the financial devastation—and we can definitely help with that.”

Humboldt General Hospital will host a “Miracle Jar” turn-in event during the holiday season. Donors will be invited to stop by to share and celebrate their donation of pocket change, enjoy refreshments, gifts, photos and more.

Since 2003, the Larena’s Race Foundation has distributed well over $250,000 to more than 200 cancer fighters in the Humboldt and Lander communities.

Applications for assistance and more information are available by visiting the group’s website at larenasrace.org, or by calling Amorita Maher at (541) 586-4072, Mary Maher Bengoa at (775) 635-8520, or Jeannie McRae at (775) 623-4069.

Donations can be made to the LaRena's Race account at any Wells Fargo Bank.