Humboldt General Hospital Names New Director of Anesthesia Services

For six years, Mark Reyka has provided pain management services to patients at Humboldt General Hospital.

Now the Ohio native has been named the hospital’s Director of Anesthesia Services.

Reyka, a board-certified anesthesia provider, was born at Wright Patterson Air Force Base where his father was a pilot. His father’s occupation took the family through many different moves. When Reyka and his wife, Ladonna, ended up in Winnemucca in 2011, it was a first for both of them. Now, it’s one of two states they call home; their other home base is in Arizona where Ladonna works as a nurse practitioner.

Reyka’s job is to take care of patients before, during and after surgical or obstetrical procedures. “I stay with the patient for the entire procedure, constantly monitoring every important body function and individually modifying the anesthetic to ensure maximum safety and comfort,” he said.

During emergency or trauma cases, Reyka also works to stabilize patients, ensuring their recovery is as pain-free and safe as possible.

In addition to his patient-related responsibilities, Reyka is charged with ensuring his department is compliant with all state, federal and JCAHO rules and regulations. Plus, he is excited to soon introduce chronic pain management and interventional procedures that will help community members with long-term pain issues.

Helping patients is Reyka’s hallmark. “I chose this profession because I really do enjoy helping people,” he said. “I want to know that I am making a positive difference for someone at a very critical and overwhelming time in their lives.”

In fact, that’s Reyka’s favorite aspect of his job. “I enjoy being with a patient just prior to putting them to sleep for surgery,” he said, “and having the opportunity to comfort them and reassure them that I will be by their side the entire time they are asleep and that I will do whatever it takes to protect them and keep them safe.”

Reyka said he chose Humboldt General Hospital because “I wanted the opportunity to work in a small, close community and to make a difference in people’s lives.”

Having just come from Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville—a level one trauma center—he said he also wanted to bring a higher level of anesthesia care to this community.

When combined with the “progressiveness of the hospital and the forward thinking of the administration,” Reyka said he was immediately impressed with the hospital and its operations.

Six years later, he continues to enjoy his work and find fulfillment as an anesthesia provider.

“I enjoy the close, family-type atmosphere and relationship that I share with everyone at HGH. It is a very personal relationship and that is also reflected in the care that patients receive here from all the employees.”

Reyka also looks forward to continuing development of a new Anesthesia Student Training Program at HGH in conjunction with Midwestern University Graduate School.

Humboldt General Hospital hosted its first trial student earlier this year; the first permanent student will arrive in March with a second student coming in June, for a total of two at any given time.

“This will save the community money in the long run by not having to hire additional anesthesia providers,” said Reyka.

Reyka is a former United States Marine who served as a sniper with the Naval Intelligence/Criminal Investigative Division. He received several meritorious awards, including a medal from President Ronald Regan, for his commitment to his work.

He and Ladonna have a 26-year-old son Timothy and 24-year-old daughter Morgan as well as two Shi-Tzus, which are very much a part of the Reyka family. In their spare time, the family enjoys the outdoors and their church community. Reyka is also completing his pilot’s license which will enable him to fly into Winnemucca on short notice, should the need arise.