Hospital Trustees Approve Moving Forward With Final Construction Phase

February 9, hospital officials OK'd moving forward with the final phase of its seven-year construction project.

All five board members present unanimously agreed to pay $11 million cash for major expansions to the Emergency and Surgery departments, as well as a complete remodel of the Harmony Manor Skilled Nursing and Residential Care Community.

The latest phase will begin immediately, with completion in late 2017. Sletten Construction will continue as the contracted builder, while CTA Architects will once again provide design services.

The hospital began its five phases of construction in 2010 with the addition of a new medical office building to the front of the hospital structure; the new construction offered eight medical clinics, where before there had been none.

It also provided space for the hospital to open a Walk-In Clinic, which local residents had requested.

Two years later, the hospital began phase two: a $5.7 million expansion that renovated 7,000 square feet and added 5,600 square feet to the hospital's main patient area.

The expansion/remodel brought about the end of double occupancy rooms, helping the hospital to comply with federal patient privacy laws and infection control guidelines.

In 2015, crews began work on phase 3: construction of an 11-bed memory care unit that will cater to patients with Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other types of progressive impairment.

The new Quail Corner Life Enrichment Community will provide 24-hour supervised care in a facility designed to minimize wandering behavior.

The phase 3 construction also included building out the shell that will house a new Labor and Delivery unit as well as an underground parking garage under the OB wing.

Phase 4 construction, which began in August 2015, has seen the build-out of the Labor and Delivery unit on the main floor, as well as medical offices above that will focus primarily on the needs of women and children.

Now, with the approval of phase 5, crews will turn their attention to expansions of the Emergency and Surgery departments, and a major remodel to Harmony Manor.

In order to facilitate that remodel, this May, half of Harmony Manor's residents will move into the completed Quail Corner space, while the other half will move into the new OB space.

That will allow crews to work 30 weeks to complete the remodel. Residents will move back into the newly finished Harmony Manor space in December 2016.

During the same period, crews will attack the 30-year-old surgical areas in OR, resolving privacy, infection control, and storage issues. Plus, the expanded department will allow for the larger equipment needed to perform current surgical procedures—especially those associated with the hospital's new Orthopedic Clinic.

The Emergency Department will get its own makeover, with walled rooms that will eliminate privacy and infection control issues, as well as several new rooms that will allow doctors to hold patients for long-term observation.

Other rooms will be equipped in such a way that they can easily house a patient awaiting mental health transport.

The Quail Corner Life Enrichment Community will open to residents in early 2017.

HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish said the response from community members has been very positive—even emotional—regarding the new center, especially for those who have had to send a beloved family member to a different part of the state or country to receive memory care.

“As we have shared these preliminary plans with our community, our initial thoughts and feelings have been confirmed,” said Parrish.

“This is something we want as a community because it represents a true need for our elderly population.”

Parrish said the other hospital remodels and expansions have also been a necessary part of preparing Humboldt General Hospital to serve this community’s medical needs for the coming three to four decades.

“Our community members want and need to get the most specialized care they can, right here at home,” he said. “Our goal is to continue to make that a reality.”