Humboldt General Hospital Welcomes the First Baby of the New Year

Hayden Gunner Brown has brought many firsts to his family.

Hayden is Humboldt County’s first baby of 2016. He is also the first grandchild for the Brown family, and the first great grandchild for Winnemucca Mayor Di An Putnam.

Hayden was born at 1:04 a.m. Sunday, January 3, at Humboldt General Hospital. He weighed 9 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 22.5 inches long. He was delivered by Dr. Len Perkinson.

Hayden is the son of Kaytlin King and Bradly Hayden Brown of Winnemucca. Paternal grandparents are Frank Brown and Keri Duncan. Paternal great grandparents are Di An Putnam and Maxl Willis.

Mom Kaytlin was due January 3, so when her water broke at 11:20 p.m. on New Year’s Day, it wasn’t totally unexpected. She and Dad Bradly rushed to the hospital, arriving just after midnight, only to wait over 24 hours for Hayden to make his arrival.

In fact, Kaytlin didn’t feel any contractions until 5:30 p.m. on January 2. She received a bit of pitocin to help things along, and that did help—and then some.

“She had a hard time,” said Great Grandma Di An of Kaytlin, “but she did awesome.”

Further complicating matters was that Hayden was born face up, “so all the contractions were in my back,” added Kaytlin.

Mom and Dad knew their baby would be a boy and they named him before he was born. What they didn’t know was how in love they would be with him right away.

“I’ve never seen my brother love something so much and so quickly,” said Shanel Ritter, the new aunt, and Bradly’s sister.

Mom Kaytlin says she hopes her new little man will be just like his dad. Dad Bradly hopes he will have his same work ethic. And all hope that Hayden will be healthy. “That’s the most important thing,” said Great Grandma Di An.

Of course, Bradly is counting down the days until Hayden is old enough to enjoy some father-son time.

“When he was born, I asked him, ‘Snowmobile or dirt bike?’” said Bradly, “and Dr. Perkinson jumped in and said, ‘Both!’”

For now, though, both parents are enjoying their little boy and his special moment as Humboldt County’s debut baby.

Little Hayden will enjoy a bounty of gifts from area organizations and businesses that did their part to celebrate the first birth.

The OB nurses at Humboldt General Hospital, led by Monica Sartor, R.N., shared gifts for the new baby along with Goodnight Irene, Chihuahua’s Cantina, Las Margaritas, Rice Jewelers, Shoreline, Java Town, Second Street Seasonals, Simply Trendy, Real Deals, Advertising Specialties, Allure, Mountain Berry Café, Flex Fitness, The Country Rose, Spare Time Bowl, The Martin Hotel, Lady Bugs and Lilypadz, and Color Them Wonderful Photography.

The Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary also has a special check to present to the baby.

That’s in addition to the wide array of other gifts, samples and supplies the hospital staff showers on each new baby.