CEO Applauds the Efforts of Debbie Ames, Staff

I want to take a moment to share a brief yet important story with you:

One day this week I was approached by a woman who was at her wits end regarding getting help for her husband with the many Reno physicians and insurance companies involved. For privacy reasons I am unable to share more information with you. I introduced her to Debbie Ames in Patient Access and asked Debbie if she could possibly help this woman. She said she would try and immediately started to gather the necessary information regarding the husband’s situation.

Debbie spent several hours on the phone with a Reno physician’s office and several insurance companies and finally was able to obtain approval for the procedure that the patient required. Further, she spoke with our professional staff to assure that the patient’s special needs were known and addressed.

Debbie went above and beyond her assigned duties to provide assistance to one of our community members. This commitment to residents of our community is repeated dozens of times per day by the finest group of employees, managers and medical staff that I have ever worked with. No one at HGH comes to work to do a bad job. However, we are all human and sometimes our performance is not as good as it could be. If you experience service that you find less than adequate, please share your story with Jana Sperry, Patient Relations Director, or me.

Part of my job is to protect and defend the 290 employees who work hard every day at Humboldt General Hospital to serve the medical needs of our community. The attacks on our employees who are your fellow citizens, church members, and neighbors are unwarranted, mean spirited and unacceptable.

Again, if you have a question or concern about the service and/or medical care you receive at HGH, contact us so that we may address your issue.

--Jim Parrish, CEO, Humboldt General Hospital