HGH Orthopedic Clinic Now Offers Total Hip Replacement

A new surgical table is going to be a game changer in local orthopedic care.

Tuesday, July 26, Humboldt General Hospital trustees approved the purchase of a Hana Surgical Table—a significant investment for the hospital that boils down to one thing for orthopedic surgeon Patrick Osgood: Patients no longer need to travel to Reno for hip replacement surgery.

The table represents the latest advancement in hip replacement, allowing Dr. Osgood to perform the surgery using the “direct anterior approach.”

“I have done this approach to total hip replacement since 2008,” said Dr. Osgood. “In my opinion, without question, this is a superior approach for total hip arthroplasty.”

Dr. Osgood has had many patients who had their first hip done via the traditional “posterior approach.” Then, they had their other hip done from the direct anterior approach.

“One hundred percent of the time, they said their hip from the anterior approach was a far better experience.”

With the more advanced approach, Dr. Osgood said patients’ dislocation rate (a common factor with the less advanced approach) is almost zero. The time to rehab is much faster, and most patients are out of the hospital in 24 hours—sometimes less.

“Being able to offer total hip arthroplasty using this approach will really enhance the healthcare of this community,” said Dr. Osgood.

The table will also be used for hip fractures and femur fractures, and it represents just one more addition to the multitude of services offered at the Humboldt General Hospital Orthopedic Clinic by Dr. Osgood and fellow practitioners Lud Kroner, MD, and Curtiss Mull, MD.

In addition to hip replacement surgery, Dr. Osgood performs total knee and shoulder replacement surgery. The surgeons also offer shoulder, knee and ankle arthroscopic procedures; fracture care; general orthopedic procedures like carpal tunnel release, trigger finger release, rotator cuff repair; and much more.

The clinic is open Monday through Friday, but the doctors provide emergency orthopedic services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As a native Nevadan, Dr. Osgood has spent the last decades perfecting his skills in Reno, Nevada, and Truckee, California. He brings over 20 years of orthopedic experience to the HGH Orthopedic Clinic.

Dr. Kroner, a Wisconsin native, began providing orthopedic care in 1979. Now, 38 years later, he’s still got one goal in mind: “I want to help people get moving again. My job is to make that a possibility.”

Dr. Curtiss Mull’s interest in orthopedics came as a result of the multiple athletic injuries he suffered in high school and college.

“Those injuries affected my participation so much that I had to give up football in college,” he says. “My association as a patient with my orthopedic surgeons had a significant influence on me.”

The Ohio native has been practicing for 42 years.

Together, the three offer more than 100 years of general, trauma and specialized orthopedic care.

“Patients no longer need to travel to Reno for quality orthopedics,” said Dr. Osgood. “Our orthopedic surgeons offer 24/7 quality care.”

Humboldt General Hospital’s Orthopedic Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call (775) 625-3090.