Humboldt General Hospital Recognizes Top Employees

When Chomphunuch Landt learned she had been named the HGH “Employee of the Year” for 2015, she said she was so happy she thought her heart might burst.

“I couldn't wait to tell my mom back home in Thailand that I was recognized as Employee of the Year," she said. "I was so proud and excited and knew that she would be very proud too.”

Chomphunuch is a certified nursing assistant in the Acute Department at the hospital. She is also cross training as a CNA in the Surgery Department.

Chomphunuch began working at HGH four years ago as an environmental aide before receiving her CNA certification. She says she loves working at HGH because she can help people get better and go back home.

“And I like to make people happy while they're here,” she said.

Chomphunuch said she is already getting more experience and additional training in OR and is participating in Humboldt General Hospital's Professional Practice Program.

“I do different presentations at staff meetings to help my co-workers learn about equipment in our department,” said Chomphunuch.

She said she wants to thank her co-workers for teaching her and showing her how to do things. “With everyone's help, I was able to be Employee of the Year!”

Humboldt General Hospital EMS Rescue EMT Madison Waldie says she was shocked to be named the 2015 “EMT of the Year.”

“I have only worked here for a little over a year and there are so many EMS providers that are deserving of being recognized,” she said.

Madison works as an EMT basic with HGH EMS as well as a flight communications specialist with Humboldt General Hospital's Communications Center. She is also studying for her paramedic—an experience she said is “helping me to become a better provider.”

Madison said she enjoys working at such a beautiful facility with such talented and skilled providers. She also enjoys helping with outreach projects in the community, and teaching—whenever she has the chance.

“I do enjoy being a part of HGH EMS, and enjoy every opportunity that I have to work with the men and women that make up the department,” she said. “I’ve learned so much from all of them in a short period of time, and I really enjoy it.”

Humboldt General Hospital Surgical Services Manager Ashley Stephen was honored as the 2015 “Manager of the Year.”

“I was very surprised to even be nominated as Manager of the Year,” she said, “and I never expected to win.”

Ashley has worked at HGH since March 2010, first as a certified nursing assistant in Harmony Manor, then as an apprentice nurse in the Emergency Department, then as an RN in the ER, and now in the OR.

“I really enjoy working with the people in this community and the staff at HGH,” she said.

Ashley said she is really looking forward to the expansion and remodel of the OR that is now taking place.

“I’m looking forward to improving our current practices and ensuring that patients receive great care when undergoing surgical procedures.”

In addition to the three “of the year” employees, HGH CEO Jim Parrish also recognized Clinical Informatics Coordinator Lupe Diaz for the many good things she has brought to HGH.

Lupe has worked at HGH in her current position for about four years, but she actually just completed her 20th anniversary. She said some of her favorite things about HGH are the interactions she’s privileged to have with patients and staff.

When Lupe learned of her special award, she said, “I was stunned and felt very humbled at the fact that I had been chosen for such an award.”

Lupe has been working toward her degree as an Information Specialist—a difficult but worthwhile effort she said has helped her continue to provide excellent service to both staff and patients.

“This job has its challenges,” she said, “but with those challenges comes growth as well, and I am thankful to everyone at HGH that has very patiently helped me along this journey.”

HGH CEO/Administrator Jim Parrish said it has been an honor for him and other staff members at the hospital to be able to work alongside fine employees like Landt, Waldie, Stephen, Diaz and Dr. Len Perkinson, whom he recognized as the “Provide of the Year” for his excellent service to patients, community and staff over the past five years.

“These are steady, thoughtful people who are all about helping in whatever ways they can,” says Parrish. “We all appreciate them so much; they have made Humboldt General Hospital a better place through their dedicated service.”