'Lucky' Twins Born at Humboldt General on St. Patrick's Day

Crystal and Jonathon Morgan welcomed twins on Thursday, March 17.

While Austin Lee and Allison Marie made their debut on St. Patrick’s Day, the happy parents attribute their safe arrival to more than “luck.”

In fact, Jonathon called it “divine,” saying God intervened on their behalf to make sure their little boy and little girl were blessed with all the right circumstances to make their perfect entrance.

Crystal was at a six-week ultrasound check when she discovered she was carrying twins. “They detected two heartbeats,” she said. She called Jonathon as soon as she left the appointment and the conversation went something like this: “Babe, there’s two of them. Are you sure? Could it be a cyst? No, it’s a heartbeat.”

Crystal said it took some time to consider the blessings of twins, and not just the challenges. But once she did, she and Jonathon began to delight in the irony of it. They both wanted one more child to add to their family of four, but Crystal wanted a little girl and Jonathon wanted a little boy.

They got both—and even though Crystal suffered through a tough pregnancy, including frequent trips to Reno to meet with a multiple-birth specialist, along with frequent trips to Dr. Bradford Granath’s office, everything turned out great.

Dr. Granath told Crystal she would likely need to deliver in Reno in case of complications. Additionally, baby Allison was breach until just a few days before her birth, and Crystal was very much hoping for a vaginal delivery.

However, a stress test on Thursday, March 17, confirmed that Crystal was dilated to nearly a 4 and she was already contracting.

“The risks were just too much,” explained Crystal, and within two hours the babies were delivered via C-section at Humboldt General Hospital at 37 weeks, one day and almost 13 pounds combined weight.

Austin Lee Morgan was born at 2:24 p.m., weighed 6 pounds, 11 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Allison Marie Morgan was born at 2:26 p.m., weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces, and was 19 inches long.

The two babies join four very excited brothers and sisters at home. Sixteen-year-old Samantha is a sophomore student at Lowry High School; 11-year-old Caitlyn is in the fifth grade at French Ford Middle School; 5-year-old Jaxson is a kindergartner at Sonoma Heights Elementary School; and three-year-old Isaac will be his mom’s big helper at home.

All four children had the chance to introduce themselves to their new siblings in the hospital. Crystal said it was fun and exciting for them to experience the entire pregnancy process with her and Jonathon. Jax had one question, though: “Mom, where did your tummy go?”

As for the twins, Crystal can already see a special bond developing between the two. “He was sucking on Allison’s nose,” she laughed. “But there is a bond, a special bond, and I’m already seeing it.”

Crystal added, “It’s going to be amazing growing up together.”

Austin and Allison’s maternal grandparents are Brian and Jill Neumann of Montello, Nevada; their paternal grandparents are Trula Limardo-Wright and Greg Wright of Paradise Valley, Nevada, and Jerry Morgan of Reno.

Crystal and Jonathon said it’s very special the twins came on St. Patrick ’s Day—a day known for good luck. “But we know it was more than that,” said Jonathon. “We know we have been very blessed.”