Dr. Leonard Perkinson Will Stay at Humboldt General Hospital

After opposing the departure of CEO Jim Parrish, a local doctor says he will stay at HGH for now.

B. Leonard Perkinson, an HGH Family Practice/OB physician indicated at the October 25 meeting of the Humboldt County Hospital District Board of Trustees he would be leaving his post after board members agreed to accept Parrish’s resignation.

“It was a very emotional evening for everyone,” explained Dr. Perkinson. “I felt that our CEO, staff members and community members had not been treated with integrity and respect. In a word I was angry, and it showed.”

Dr. Perkinson continued, “I am here at HGH in large part due to Mr. Parrish, his vision and all he has accomplished here. My thinking was that if Mr. Parrish could not stay, I would not either.”

However, the doctor said the past week has provided a great deal of time to consider his family, his co-workers and especially his patients.

“While I still do not agree or understand what occurred that evening, I do understand what my duty and obligation is—and that is to stay in my community and care for my friends,” said Dr. Perkinson.

Dr. Perkinson joined the hospital staff in April 2012; earlier this year, he accepted a new five-year contract to provide Family Practice and OB services as an HGH-employed physician.

Dr. Perkinson treats patients ranging from newborns to the elderly. He also provides normal to higher risk maternity and delivery services, and specializes in women’s health, sports medicine and pediatrics.

Until his move to Winnemucca, Dr. Perkinson was an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California Davis Medical School, and a full-time faculty member at Mercy Medical Center Merced Family Medicine Residency Program. He was also the curriculum director for OB/Women’s Health.

Currently, he serves as the vice chief of staff for Humboldt General Hospital as well as the assistant site coordinator for the University of Nevada School of Medicine’s Rural Residency Program at Humboldt General Hospital. He also serves as the director of the hospital’s new Rural Health Clinic.

“I love this community and I love my patients,” said Dr. Perkinson. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out with kind and comforting words as well as encouragement to make this decision to stay.”

He added, “You have created a home for Tina, me and our children and we value your friendship, your love and your kindness very much.”