HGH Asks for Community's Input with Patient Experience Survey

Humboldt General Hospital is hoping to catch the “voice” of its patients—literally.

The hospital has partnered with HealthStream to provide insights into patients’ experience at the hospital, which will in turn help HGH continue to examine and improve its care.

“The idea,” says HGH Chief Nursing Officer Darlene Bryan, “is to improve the quality of the healthcare we provide by assessing the expectations and experience of the patients that receive that care.”

Bryan continued, “We are dealing with so many challenges stemming from aging populations, governmental mandates, escalating chronic illness, increased drug abuse and more. We need to keep our finger on the pulse of our patients’ experience so we know we are meeting their needs.”

Bryan said professional telephone interviewers with the health research company will be contacting patients in the community to ask for feedback. In the future, these surveys will be available via email.

Bryan said HealthStream actually captures patients’ verbatim responses to open-ended questions. These full recordings are then delivered, transcribed and coded, allowing hospital staff to immediately address service issues as well as recognize exemplary performance.

Bryan said she is hoping patients will take the time to share their feedback about their experience at the facility.

“Many times patients have complaints or even compliments about their care,” said Bryan. “If they don’t share those, we can’t minimize the bad or maximize the good; we need that feedback.”

HealthStream currently will contact patients from Acute care, Obstetrics, and the clinics. Soon, patients from the Emergency Department, Ambulatory Surgery, as well as those receiving outpatient services such as Radiology, Laboratory and Respiratory Therapy will be contacted for the surveys. All survey results are confidential.

“We will never know who responds,” said Bryan, “we will only receive their anonymous feedback.”

Armed with regular insights from the survey process, Bryan said hospital leaders hope to improve care transitions, enhance each patient’s experience, reduce risk, be more compliant, and identify opportunities for improvement—to name just a few of expected benefits.

“We are very committed to this process,” said Bryan. “Every patient deserves the best care and this is one more way for us to address that as a hospital community.”