Jim Parrish Apologizes for 4-H Donation

Dear Friends,

I wish to apologize for my recent actions regarding the 4-H livestock auction, which was held over the Labor Day weekend at the Winnemucca Events Complex. I concur with a recent letter to the editor from Mr. Don Jones: I did not use good judgment in donating what I saw as a “scholarship” of add-on funding to four young people in the community who had raised animals as part of the local 4-H program. These four youngsters approached me as a representative of the hospital to request a donation. They were very well-mannered, well-spoken and anxious to earn money that could be put toward their future endeavors—including plans to one day enter the medical field. In granting their request, I believed that a donation to these individuals would indirectly strengthen the group as a whole; instead, I should have seen that donating to the group as a whole would have also strengthened each individual member. Humboldt General Hospital routinely gives donations to community causes and groups that aid in the health, safety and well-being of our community; our focus is to deter at-risk behaviors that could eventually require medical intervention. The 4-H program is a great community cause that teaches the value of hard work, integrity, and teamwork. The Frontier Community Coalition, which sponsors the annual “Louis Peraldo Memorial Golf Tournament,” is another such cause. Through the money that Humboldt General Hospital and others donate, the FCC is able to offer programs such as the Tri-County Project MAGIC for high-risk youth, Project Aware for youth coping with mental health issues, the Winnemucca Police Department’s Truth About Drugs program, and more. We are grateful for the partnerships we enjoy with the FCC and others in striving to deter social service issues in our communities. That being said, HGH does not have a written policy regarding its community giving, but this incident has served to begin that process. About 4 percent of HGH’s annual income comes from local taxpayers. While that is a small amount comparatively speaking, that money represents a large amount of trust from our local community and we definitely want to make sure our giving aligns with that trust. We know that supporting these programs truly does support the health, safety and well-being of our community residents.


Jim Parrish, CEO

Humboldt General Hospital