Town Hall Meeting Will Discuss Senior-Friendly Services

Monday, September 12, a group of local panelists will consider how to make Winnemucca an “Age-Friendly” and “Dementia-Friendly” community.

The meeting, which is sponsored by Winnemucca Alzheimer’s Awareness, will begin at 6:30 p.m. in Humboldt General Hospital’s Sarah Winnemucca Conference Room; local residents are invited to attend to ask questions and offer ideas and suggestions.

The feedback will also help the group as they address three questions with regard to the needs of local seniors: What do we have? What do we need? How do we find and/or provide new services?

Winnemucca Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator Gini Cunningham, who will act as the evening’s facilitator, said the town hall will include a panel of experts including: Dolores Ward, University of Nevada Reno Sanford Center on Aging; Mary Liveratti, Age-Friendly AARP; Sunadda Woodbury, Nevada Aging and Disability Services; Jacob Harmon, Northern Nevada Alzheimer’s Association; Pam Coats, Winnemucca Police Department; Louis Mendiola, Humboldt General Hospital; Debbie Stone, Humboldt County Chamber of Commerce; Di An Putnam, City of Winnemucca; Brian Nelson, RSVP; Anthony Gordon, Office of the Humboldt County District Attorney; and, Katie Mayo, Senior Representative.

“There will be time for the public to ask questions and offer ideas and suggestions,” said Cunningham. “This input also will be utilized to let our legislators know of our concerns.”

The town hall is part of an ongoing effort to create an Age-Friendly Community designation for Winnemucca.

The designation, which requires application through the World Health Organization, would assure that Winnemucca has pleasant outdoor spaces, adequate transportation, affordable housing, social events with senior inclusion, civic participation opportunities, health services, and communication systems like radio, newspaper, and television.

“Certainly, in some of these areas we excel, and in others we still need some discussion and hard work,” said Cunningham, “but all aspects are achievable.”

There is no charge to attend the “Age-Friendly” and “Dementia-Friendly” town hall meeting. All local residents are invited to attend and share their feedback.

For more information, please contact Winnemucca Alzheimer’s Support Group Facilitator Gini Cunningham via email at