Trustees Launch Search for Humboldt General Hospital CEO

Humboldt General Hospital has launched a nationwide search for its next chief executive.

Tuesday, July 25, trustees voted to solicit CEO candidates rather than immediately hire an executive search firm.

That search will take place via the hospital’s LinkedIn social media channel. Candidates who express interest in the post will be taken to a specially designed web landing page where they can submit a cover letter and resume; the hospital also will post the position on its website “Careers” module.

“This has to be a good professional, organizational and cultural fit for our patients, our staff and our community,” said HGH Trustee Chairman JoAnn Casalez of the new CEO, “so we are exploring our best options to identify who that right person is going to be.”

The board previously utilized the services of an executive search firm to locate CEO candidate Linda Simmons; Simmons has since relinquished the position due to a death in the family.

“She was a great fit for our hospital and so we know that process can be successful,” said Casalez.

However, Casalez said before the hospital contracts with another outside firm, trustees want to try their hand at recruiting candidates.

As Trustee Bill Hammargren noted during the board’s July 25 board meeting, members not only have very objective criteria to determine the eligibility of potential candidates, but some legwork at the local level could save the hospital a great deal of money.

Casalez said at the board's next regularly scheduled meeting on August 15, trustees will review their new candidate pool and consider if they want to proceed independently in the hiring process or use the services of a search firm.

“It will all depend on what we receive,” she said. “Time is not the most important thing here, but rather the quality of our candidates.”

The hospital will be accepting resumes via its search functions beginning Tuesday, August 1, 2017. To view the hospital’s web landing page for the new CEO position, please visit