Eddy Davis Bids Farewell After More Than Two Decades at HGH

A small crowd packed the Sarah Winnemucca Conference Room December 21 to say their goodbyes to Eddy Davis, the much-loved controller at Humboldt General Hospital.

Davis retired the following day, on December 22, after more than 23 years at HGH; there were plenty of jokes regarding a possible return since Davis already left the hospital about 10 years ago to work for the City of Winnemucca—a mini-career that lasted for six years before his return to HGH.

But somehow, those gathered sensed this was the real thing and Davis would not be returning—at least as a staff member. The longtime Winnemucca resident will soon make his residence in Sparks.

Humboldt General Hospital CFO Sandi Lehman presented Davis with a retirement plaque, chocolates, balloons and a check representing $100 for every year of service at Humboldt General Hospital.

Additionally, the group enjoyed a delicious chocolate cake—Davis’s favorite—as well as the chance to share plenty of well-wishes.

But it was Davis who took the floor to share some of his memories working under six administrators and seeing the hospital transform from an institution that struggled to meet payroll at times to one that now approaches the $100 million mark.

Davis even shared that at one point he purchased his own desk as the hospital had no funds to do so. He also lamented the nearly two dozen times he had to move his office due to construction and other circumstances.

While there were plenty of laughs—one of Davis’s specialties—there were also some tears. “There are so many good people here,” said Davis.

Davis began his long history with HGH in 1986 when he was hired by then-administrator Ed Hanssen. While Davis’s titles have ranged from accountant to chief financial officer to controller, his quick wit and his kindness have never wavered—something many co-workers pointed out.

Not only that, but CFO Lehman said Davis is a work horse whose shoes will be difficult to fill. She noted that when Davis returned to the hospital following his time at the city, she wasn’t sure a controller position was needed.

Now, Lehman joked that two people might be needed to fill the responsibilities that one Davis assumed.

“You will be missed,” she added.