Pat Songer Announces His Resignation

HGH EMS Rescue Chief announced Wednesday, February 15, that he will be leaving Humboldt General to take a position as an EMS Chief with a large hospital system in Colorado. Following is Pat's farewell message to the community:

Dear friends, colleagues and community members:

For nearly 12 years, I have held the position of EMS Chief and, more recently, Administrative Director of Humboldt General Hospital Emergency Medical Services & Rescue (HGH EMS). This position has been the opportunity of a lifetime; my family and I have been equally blessed to call this community home for more than a decade. So it is with heavy heart that I announce that I have accepted the position of EMS Chief with an organization in Colorado.

I want to take this opportunity to give thanks to the community that has given me so much over my tenure in Winnemucca. When I arrived on September 19, 2005, I knew I would face many challenges and tribulations as I worked to improve the system of care provided locally. I was, however, astonished by the level of commitment and support the community as a whole showed as we worked to bring about positive change.

The expansion and improvements made to the local EMS system were only made possible by a collective effort that, above all else, valued life. I have never looked at the success of this department as “my success”; rather I have looked at this as our collective success as a community. From hospital leadership to locally elected officials, to our brothers and sisters in law enforcement and fire, and the dedicated staff and network of first responders and others, we have all played a role in developing a great EMS system that has become a model for rural communities across our great country.

Collectively, we as a community have challenged the status quo. When faced with limitations and challenges, we have developed innovative ways to meet the needs of our community. Buy-in from multiple stakeholders has equated to a system of care that not only works, but works very well. Partnerships with local mines and industry, fire departments, and law enforcement departments in three counties have delivered lifesaving response to our fellow community members. This network of care is something I am not only proud of but, more importantly, I am thankful for the level of cooperation that has made it possible.

As my time here in this amazing community comes to an end, I know my family and I will shed many tears. However, I am comforted knowing that we as a community have remained committed to preserving and protecting life.

In closing, I thank community members for their years of support of our vision of developing sound systems of care, in a compassionate and community-centric manner. As I depart, I ask that the community continue the work, and always remember that even though our rural way life is different, it does not mean we deserve or are willing to accept anything short of excellence relative to emergency medical services and healthcare.

May God continue to bless this community and the amazing men, women and children who call it home.

With the utmost thanks,


Pat Songer