HGH Welcomes Humboldt County's First Baby of the New Year

Diana Johanna Romero is Humboldt County’s first baby of 2017—but she took her time getting here.

“At first I thought they were mistaken,” said Mom Micaela Fregoso about having the first baby of the New Year, “I mean it was January 5th already.”

But staff members at Humboldt General Hospital, where Diana was delivered by Dr. Brad Granath via c-section, were not mistaken.

In fact, Dr. Len Perkinson had just delivered nine babies prior to year’s end so they knew it might be a while before Humboldt County’s newest resident made his or her debut.

Diana was born at 7:54 a.m. Thursday, January 5. She weighed 7 pounds, 6.5 ounces and was 21 inches long.

Diana is the daughter of Micaela and Edi Romero of Winnemucca. Maternal grandparents are the late Jesus Fregoso and Apolinaria Rubio of Winnemucca. Paternal grandparents are Jose Luis Romero and Eliasar Munoz of Zacatecas, Mexico.

Mom Micaela was due January 11, but Diana gave her a scare the week of Thanksgiving when she began to go into labor.

“I came to the hospital so they could stop the contractions” said Micaela, and then it was home to bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy.

Mom and Dad knew their baby would be a girl—the fourth one in the family and the sixth child overall. According to Micaela, all Diana’s siblings—including 17-year-old Enrique, 15-year-old Ariceli, 14-year-old Mayra and 10-year-old Cecelia—are very excited about her birth. Five-year-old Santos isn’t so sure about the new addition.

“He doesn’t want to share his dad,” teased Micaela.

Micaela says she hopes her new little daughter will get a good education and a successful career. Dad Edi said he hopes his daughter’s life is filled with good things too.

For now, both parents are enjoying their little girl and her special moment as Humboldt County’s debut baby.

Little Diana will enjoy a bounty of gifts from area organizations and businesses that did their part to celebrate the first birth.

The OB nurses at Humboldt General Hospital, led by Monica Sartor, RN, shared gifts for the new baby along with Rice Jewelers, Las Margaritas, Ormachea’s, Real Deals, Simply Trendy, The Country Rose, Java Town, Second Street Seasonals, Shore Line, Nature’s Corner, Allure, Kaia Fit Winnemucca, Papa Murphy’s, Spare Time Bowling Center, Advertising Specialties, Ladybugs and Lilypadz, The Martin Hotel, and Clique Studios and Stunned Photography.

The Humboldt Hospital Auxiliary also has a special check to present to the baby.

That’s in addition to the wide array of other gifts, samples and supplies the hospital staff showers on each new baby.