Incoming HGH CEO Relinquishes Position, New Search Will Begin

Incoming CEO Linda Simmons will not be joining Humboldt General Hospital as planned.

Simmons was expected to assume her new duties as the hospital’s chief in May, but the uncertainty of her elderly father’s health status placed her arrival date on hold.

Tuesday, June 27, Simmons confirmed she will be delayed at least another four to six months. In what hospital administrators have termed a gesture of graciousness, she has relinquished the position.

Simmons told HGH Interim CEO Darlene Bryan that she agonized over her decision, especially since “the Board and Administrative staff at Humboldt have been so supportive and understanding throughout all of this.”

However, Simmons indicated she could not continue to place the hospital’s future on hold while she resolved personal matters, and so would opt out effective immediately.

In doing so, Simmons offered her help in the transition toward finding a new CEO.

Bryan said the board and hospital staff were crushed by the announcement. “We felt from the beginning Linda was a great fit for the hospital and we still do,” said Bryan, “but we also understand her timeline and her reasoning and we honor her decision.”

Bryan also said administrators and board members were grateful for Simmons’ brief but supportive leadership over the past several months.

The hospital will move forward gathering resumes for the top spot with the goal of recruiting a new CEO as soon as possible.

“We already have some potential candidates from our previous search,” said Bryan, “so we are confident we can soon find the right match for us.”