Charity Brause New Patient Relations Coordinator at Humboldt General Hospital

Charity Brause loves working with people, which makes her new position as Humboldt General Hospital’s Patient Relations Coordinator a natural fit.

“I really enjoy interacting with people and helping in some small way every day,” said Brause, “so this does feel like the right position for me.”

Brause’s position is a relatively new one for Humboldt General Hospital—but an important one in terms of helping patients have an exceptional care experience.

In her new position, Brause visits with patients, assists with patient concerns, troubleshoots delays in care, reports compliments to each department, and manages Humboldt General Hospital’s customer service program.

In a phrase, Brause’s job is to enhance the patient experience.

“It helps to remember that our patients have chosen us,” said Brause. “We are privileged to provide their care, and my job is to make sure their experience reflects that.”

Patients who would like to share a concern or a compliment regarding their care may contact Brause by phone at (775) 623-5222, ext. 1280, or via email at

More information, including a Patient Compliment and Concern form, is also available at