Humboldt General Debuts New, More Detailed Billing Statements

Humboldt General Hospital patients will notice a change to their billing statements beginning in January 2018.

HGH has revised its bill design to provide more detailed information in a simple, easy-to-read format. The new statements will also help patients better understand and manage their financial responsibility.

Humboldt General Hospital Chief Financial Officer Sandi Lehman said the new design is the result of a comprehensive process to identify what patients want to see on a statement.

“Our patients have told us they want a bill that provides more detailed information about their hospital services in a clear, concise format,” said Lehman.

However, itemized statements can be dozens of pages long for each patient visit, so Lehman said the hospital compromised between a statement that provides every detail and one that provides a detailed summary with the option to request more.

“We think this strikes a great balance,” she said. “It’s not overwhelming information, but it does help our patients understand our services and their responsibility, which makes for a better financial partnership overall.”

Some features of the new design include:

  • A personal summary at the top of each statement to quickly identify important information such as statement date, name, account number and current patient responsibility;
  • Member grouping so charges are organized by family member;
  • A payment options section at the bottom of each statement that includes information regarding online bill pay, or payment by check or credit card;
  • A new summary section with a clear overview of service dates, a description of services, and total charges;
  • Streamlined financial information regarding patient payments, insurance payments, payments and adjustments, and the resulting patient balance;
  • A balance for each service provided and whether that particular charge is current or past due up to 120 days.

Patients who prefer a detailed itemized statement may call a toll-free number prominently displayed on each statement: (855) 880-7339. That number puts patients in contact with Healthcare Resource Group billing representatives who are also available to discuss financial assistance programs and to answer questions.

A sample of the new statement design can be viewed by visiting Humboldt General Hospital’s website at

More information is also available by contacting Humboldt General Hospital’s billing representative Sam Evans at (775) 623-5222, ext. 1137.