Humboldt General Hospital Honors Employees for Years of Service

Humboldt General Hospital recently honored over three dozen hospital employees for a combined 325 years of dedicated service.

In all, 40 employees from a wide range of departments gathered in the hospital’s Sarah Winnemucca conference room on Tuesday, May 15, to be honored for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years of service respectively.

Each honoree received a years of service pin, a box of chocolates and a beautiful flower. The short ceremony followed a delicious lunch provided by the hospital’s kitchen.

Humboldt General Hospital CEO Arthur Frable reminded the gathered group of a golden egg that sits on his office desk. He said he received the egg from a seminar as a reminder that staff “is the goose that lays the golden eggs.”

Frable thanked the group for all the “golden eggs” they have laid through their commitment to Humboldt General Hospital. “Thank you so much for your service,” he said.

Humboldt General Hospital’s 2018 “Years of Service” award recipients include: 30 Years – Shauna Barsanti; 25 Years – David Simsek; 20 Years – Yolanda Galarza and Tammy Loveland; 15 Years – Alicia Mora; 10 Years – Shouping Li, Michelle Chadwell, Ken Whittaker, Arlene Bradshaw, Pamala Hope, Carol Driscoll, Maria Vera and Heather Shearer; and, 5 Years – Tina Perkinson, Mary Marvel, Ashley Stephen, Juan Pederson, Lonnie Hammargren, Diana Klassen, Vicki Goodloe, Andrew Stephen, Kevin Grannis, Dylan Angus, Maria Diaz, Lori Billows, Brittany Phillips, Anna Archer, Maria Tinoco, Tom Stephen, Nathalie Esquivel, Fergus Laughridge, Rose Brooks, Stephanie McGilvrey, Maria Viera, Jordan Kohler, Charles Paddock, Emily Wrightsman, Sebastian Anderson, Duane Grannis and Adriana Calderon.