Humboldt General Hospital Says Goodbye to Environmental Services Supervisor

Yolanda Calderon blinked back tears as she tried to express her feelings to a group of assembled co-workers.

“I just want to say thank you to everyone; thank you for supporting me here.”

Calderon retired from Humboldt General Hospital Wednesday, May 2, after 22 years of dedicated service. She has served as the Environmental Services Supervisor for the past 18 years.

Wednesday, dozens of hospital staff members gathered to wish Calderon well in this next phase of her life. HGH Infection Control Nurse Ginger Tanner took the lead in presenting Calderon with a retirement plaque, flowers and a check for $2,200—representing $100 for every year of service at Humboldt General Hospital.

Tanner said Calderon has done a remarkable job over the years keeping up with the hospital’s growth and expansion. “She’s gone through all the construction phases and all the changes,” said Tanner. “She has been amazing.”

Not only that, but Calderon planned to retire in December, but stayed four more months until her replacement could be found. Calderon’s co-workers were not surprised by that act of sacrifice, agreeing it is simply representative of the kind of woman Calderon is.

After so many years of work, Calderon joked she might wake up the morning following retirement and decide to head back to work.

After garnering a few laughs, however, she admitted she is looking forward to spending more time with her family; she is also hoping to travel more, including a much-anticipated trip to Mexico where she can reunite with family there.

Numerous friends at Calderon’s retirement party shared how they will miss Calderon’s can-do attitude, her smile and her many skills. “You will be missed,” they chorused from all sides of the room, which made Calderon’s tears spring up again. “I will miss you too,” she said, fanning away her emotions.

Baudelia “Bea” Rodriguez will assume duties as Humboldt General Hospital’s Environmental Services Supervisor. Rodriguez has worked at HGH since 2012.