Humboldt General Launches Automated Phone System

Beginning Monday, September 17, callers who dial the main phone line for Humboldt General Hospital will be greeted by a new automated system.

All calls placed through the (775) 623-5222 number will be routed through the system, although residents still may dial local provider offices directly.

HGH EMS Rescue Chief Sean Burke, who oversees the hospital’s communications center, said the system is designed to provide options for local callers.

For those who wish to bypass the front desk and go directly to a chosen department, the automated system provides that option. For those who need assistance, phone attendants are available by simply dialing zero.

Burke said during peak hours, the hospital can receive hundreds of calls.

“Most of those are simply transfers to other departments in the hospital,” he said, “so this is a good way to expedite phone traffic while still offering a warm voice for those who prefer that option.”

The automated system will also help free up the communications center to dispatch the MedX helicopter fleet across six counties in northern Nevada. HGH AirOne is stationed at Humboldt General Hospital; additional MedX helicopters are stationed in Battle Mountain, Elko, Ely, Eureka and Lovelock.

Humboldt General Hospital’s communications center responds to requests for air ambulance service across the six counties and tracks flights. The center also oversees the hospital’s paging system and provides intra-hospital non-emergency dispatch.

Burke said the automated phone system makes sense when considering the center’s mounting responsibilities.

“We want to be responsive to everyone who depends on us,” said Burke. “This phone system will certainly provide some ease and efficiency for those who know what they need and where to find it; for those who aren’t sure, we’re here to help.”

Of course, those who are experiencing an emergency will be directed to hang up immediately and dial 9-1-1.

A list of phone extensions is available. More information is also available by calling (775) 623-5222, extension zero.