HGH Pharmacist Achieves Infectious Diseases Certification

Humboldt General Hospital is congratulating one of its pharmacists on an outstanding achievement.

Cody Bright, PharmD, BCIDP, has passed the National Infectious Disease Exam and is now board certified in Infectious Diseases Pharmacy.

Infectious Diseases Pharmacy focuses on the use of microbiology and pharmacology to develop, implement and monitor drug regimens for optimized patient care.

According to HGH Pharmacy Director Dave Simsek, Dr. Bright is one of only eight board-certified infectious disease pharmacists in Nevada, one of 690 in the United States, and one of only 744 in the entire world.

“We are really proud of Cody for this achievement,” said Simsek. “In the pharmacy world, this is truly outstanding.”

In order to be eligible to sit for the exam, Dr. Bright had to have four years of post-doctoral infectious disease specialty practice, followed by six months of rigorous study covering an incredible depth of information about infectious disease.

Still, he’s the first to share how happy he is about this new certification.

“I am excited to be the first board-certified pharmacist to work at HGH,” he said, “and to bring infectious diseases services to HGH and to the town of Winnemucca.”

Additionally, Dr. Bright is certified by the Society of Infectious Disease Pharmacists in Antimicrobial Stewardship—knowledge he has put to good use since arriving at HGH in helping the hospital meet infection control regulations.

This newest certification will help Dr. Bright provide more comprehensive and complex patient care and take part in multidisciplinary treatment of patients.

It’s an expanding role he welcomes. “I’m excited to be here and to share this knowledge,” he said.

He noted that since joining Humboldt General Hospital’s Pharmacy team in May of this year, he has felt greatly welcomed by hospital staff, especially administrators, physicians and nurses.

“Plus, my family and I have really enjoyed the small-town feel of Winnemucca.”

Pharmacy Director Simsek said construction crews are just now finishing a newly expanded and remodeled Pharmacy Department; he and his team will move in toward the first of the new year.

“So we are really looking forward to adding a great new physical environment to the vast knowledge and experience that my team brings to the table,” he said.

In addition to Director Simsek and Dr. Bright, Dr. Robert Hall and Dr. Janie Bright also serve as staff pharmacists for Humboldt General Hospital.